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Ms Yoo

American Korean Gastropub
Ms. Yoo salutes chef / partner Esther Choi’s East-West heritage as contemporary gastropub where traditional American bar food and drink is re-imagined with authentic Korean favors, ingredients and techniques. The result is a captivating collection of dishes – snacks, small plates and large – as well as cocktails that are truly unique to the stylish Lower East Side boite.

As such, Ms. Yoo, named after Choi’s grandmother Jungok Yoo who taught her how to cook, is the culinary reverse of Choi’s mokbar eateries in Chelsea Market and Brooklyn, where authentic Korean food is infused with American accents. Still, like them, Ms. Yoo represents Choi’s ongoing campaign to encourage Americans to savor the Korean food and culture she so passionately embraces.
At Ms. Yoo, that includes the Korean drinking culture, characterized by fun-filled gatherings of friends fueled by causally delectable comestibles and beverages.

Ms Yoo

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Our menu evolves every season without compromising consistency while maintaining our signature dishes and flavors. Please check back often to see what's new for the season. 

Shrimp Burger

Ms Yoo Burger

"New Gastropub Brings Korean Bar Culture to the LES. Esther Choi makes most of her decisions with her family in mind. In the opening of her first brick-and-mortar location for Mokbar in February, Choi was candid about how her relationship with her Korean grandmother, Jungok Yoo, influenced her career in food. Now Choi is ready to unveil her latest: a Korean gastropub in the Lower East Side named after her grandmother, Ms. Yoo."  - EATER NY