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Interior Design by Steve Lewis

The exquisitely decadent interiors offer a charming dose of grandeur. Delicate details and ornate embellishments are adorned alongside cozy nooks comprised of soft black leather banquettes and bespoke wooden tables.

Outdoor elements are infused indoors with a romantic backdrop of ivy vines and floral pieces draped onto gazebos and arbors above the bar, while botanical wall paper paneling are set against checkered flooring. The rounded lines of long steel frame gazebos hung over the entryway reflect off intricately carved antique mirrors while the soft curvatures of French molding offer sculptural detailing on ceilings and walls. Taking cue from the gilded copper/brass shops that lined the road of Allen Street in the 19th century, palatial lavishings of lush brass metallic accents prevail throughout the establishment.


Ms Yoo is broken up into 2 floors, ground and mezzanine. 
3 Restrooms 

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